JUUL Is Here!! See Why It’s the Most Popular Vape

Super easy to use

The JUUL couldn’t be simpler to use: place a pod in the battery and vape when you want. There are no buttons or complicated menu to navigate. Just take a hit when you want. It’s ready when you are. Once your pod is empty, remove it and replace it with a new one. Smokers will appreciate the simplicity.

Consistent puffs

The JUUL is an unassuming device. What sets it apart from other similarly sized devices is its innovative technology and performance. The tech in the JUUL works well! I’ve tried dozens of similar pod vapes but the performance of the JUUL is in a league of its own. The JUUL uses automatic temperature control, a feature typically found in bulky vape mods with complicated settings. Because of temperature control, JUUL does not produce burnt hitslike some of its competition.


The JUUL uses nicotine salt-based eliquid  in its pods. This “salt,” in chemical terms means the nicotine has a positive and negative charged ion which smooths out the harsh nicotine taste found in similar-looking devices. That said, you will feel it when you hit it! JUUL closely mimics the feeling of smoking — most other vape products have failed to replicate that sensation.

The JUUL hits like a cigarette

The perfect draw (inhale) on a vape comes down to preference. The JUUL provides what is known as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw and it’s a fairly tight one at that. This draw is similar to that of a cigarette in that you inhale first into your mouth before taking it to the lungs. This is the most familiar and comfortable draw to transition from smoking to vaping.

It’s small and discreet

The JUUL is really lightweight, weighing about the same as a typical ink pen. It’s just over 14 grams with a pod installed. Fully assembled, it’s just over 9.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm wide. A cigarette is 8.3 cm in length, making the JUUL marginally larger. The small size and light weight will be in line with what smokers are accustomed to.


The JUUL is also discreet while in use. That makes it optimal for those that don’t want to draw attention to themselves. This lends itself well to vaping at clubs, bars, at the office (if vaping is allowed), and countless other scenarios where big cloud-making vapes would attract unwanted attention. Vape your JUUL when you want, but break rules at your own risk.

Accurate tasting flavors

My personal favorite pod flavors are the Fruit Medley and Cool Mint among the standard line. The Cool Cucumber and Classic Tobacco are the two I prefer the most from the new limited edition pods.

Juul lifestyle business

It’s difficult to describe the taste of the flavors, but they’re all fairly accurate for what they’re supposed to be. Unlike a lot of normal ejuice flavors, these flavors are not overly sweet either. That makes them easier to enjoy no matter the time of day.

Tip: I suggest trying the JUUL starter kit since it allows you to try four of their flavors.

No mess

The JUUL is mess free! You won’t have to worry about leaking or spilling any eliquid. As I will discuss later in the tips and tricks section (located after the verdict), the JUUL pods and battery have evolved over time. In the earlier versions, the pods had issues with leaking. That has all been fixed now. The mouthpiece now has cotton pads that prevent liquid from entering the mouth, and the bottom of the pods resist leakage from the battery connection.

Battery life

The JUUL battery is only 200 mAh which means it will need frequent charges. Heavier usage may require one or two charges per day. The small size of the device can only accommodate a low-capacity battery. That said, there are pod devices with larger batteries, but the JUUL seems to last longer than many of them. It’s just more efficient across the board. Again, this comes down to the innovative tech and chip the JUUL uses. Luckily, there are aftermarketJUUL charge cases that will allow you to charge your JUUL on the go so you won’t be tethered to a USB outlet.

Customer service and warranty

The JUUL comes with a one-year warranty and their customer support has a solid reputation. Read on any vape forum or social media platform and see customers’ feedback of JUUL support is quite positive. That said, I have not had to use it in the three years I’ve been a JUUL user.

The JUUL is a solid little device that can take a beating. I’ve dropped mine and even thrown them around on countless occasions and despite the wear and tear, they’ve kept on working. Out of the 10 batteries I’ve owned over three years